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Clean your whole house in an Hour or less!

Having company? Someone stopping by with short notice? Get the whole house cleaned in 60 Minutes or less!

Step 1: Go from room to room with a basket. This is a shortcut but you can go back to it later and put each item away in it's designated spot. Now, proceed to put anything that is out of place into the basket- no matter what it is. Clothing, shoes, toys, makeup- you name it!

Step 2: Spray and wipe all surfaces from room to room with an all purpose cleaner and dry rag.

Step 3: Pull out the vacuum! Vacuum each room including the sofas and chairs.

Step 4: Arrange pillows and decor in each room, go room to room

Step 5: Grab a spray mop or swiffer and go from room to room, focus on the perimeter of the room where the wall meets the floors to get any extra dust build up or hair.

Step 6: Light a candle and enjoy your clean space!

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